We found out just like the other person that wrote about the 2- Brooks Brothers employees, Michael Carter and Mary K******* having an affair at the company expense.Mary K******* had this affair for several years and when if finally came to light, it devastated family and employees.

We have also found out that all this is documented by an investigator/s who followed the two on more than one occasion. Mary ruled her territory, (hiring and terminating employees) with the backing of her supervisor Michael Carter. We can not understand why Brooks Brothers has not followed up with this occurring in the work place.

Any other company would have terminated the two of them.What an example for the company.


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Sylvania, Ohio, United States #1251830


Cleveland, Ohio, United States #941530

Brooks Brothers did follow up on Mary and Michael. Mary was fired!!


This is the problem with the internet. Anonymous, bitter cowards who character asasinate people and have no accountability for the rubish they post.

to Disgusted Cleveland, Ohio, United States #929371


Mary did do all the things listed here and more. So did Mike Carter.

My name is Liz Y.

And I was store manager at 6122.Evil people who ruined lives.

to Disgusted #1025503

My Dear, you should contact Mr.Mike Carter before you say anything like that.

It is all ture and it is backed up wiht proof.

Why do you think BB fired her.Pinkey

Brook Park, Ohio, United States #870023

We found out that Mary Pollutro has now married Steve Davidson and x-Brooks Brothers employee and is a USED-CAR salesman. She not works for Talbots. Look out Talbots emplpyees


LinkedIn has her still listed as a Regional Sales Manager. Why is Mike Carter still there??? Disgusted.

to Used to work with them Brook Park, Ohio, United States #873875

That is her title at Talbots

to Pinkey Ohio, United States #881459

Ya, but she does nShrot have the job she had a BB. She now has to work and work on Mick C.


Is Mary K still with BB?

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