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Guys don't have to worry about that. Size 36x32 trousers are 36 inches at the waist and 32 inches for the inseam – except at Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers has "adjusted the fit" of the trousers they sell. A 36 no longer means that guys who wear a 36 can fit into those trousers. The fit is now like it is for women – you have to try them on to see if they fit.

For those guys who are like me who know their size and don't want to try on multiple pairs of trousers when shopping, Brooks Brothers is no longer a place to shop.

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funny, i wear them and according to my tape measure they are what they say. sure you're not just sensitive about your weight?


Newer "346" suits for the 2011 season in the Factory Stores are slightly smaller in the mid-chest, thigh and a shorter rise. Most will need to alter a larger size suit to get the same fit (e.g. buy a 42 and alter to a 40 jacket, or a 36 pant and alter to a 34 waist).

The newest Fall 2011 "346" Suits (e.g. brown and medium blue tic weave) are European cut, which results in a more trim fit. This is not an athletic profile, but smaller dimensions than the group of basic colors and patterns. The waist is 1/2 inch smaller than the marked size. Most are now made in China.

Similar problems have been showing up with Jos. Bank suits for a few years.

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