To Whom This May Concern:

On Mar 5, 2010, we stopped by Brooks Brothers in Camarillo Outlet. Upon entering, 3 of your staff to include Mr. Adrian Cortez (selling supervisor) and Mr. Joseph Padua (supervisor) were huddled in the middle of the store swapping life stories. None of them bothered to come offer any assistance to us or the other customers in the store. For 10 minutes, my husband browsed through the shirts and still no one came to assist. He finally approached one of the staff (I believe Mr Padua). Before my husband can finish asking for help, Mr. Padua just referred him over to the other staff (Mr. Cortez), who seem to be a bit annoyed to be bothered. Mr Padus, rolled his eyes, annoyed at having been stopped in the middle of his story with other staff huddled in the middle of the store. Mr. Cortez, instead of paying attention to the customer, the staff started swapping signals with yet another staff who was taking inventory (?). When my husband asked to be measured to get his current fit, the staff told him to just try on the shirt. He tried one on and when it didn't fit, he asked again to be measured but the staff still told him to try on another shirt, seeming annoyed at the request made. At this point, we just decided to try another store. We stopped by the cashier and asked for the Corporate number which we tried calling to no avail; thus, this lenghty e-mail.

We've been to other Brooks Brothers namely Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Los Angeles area and have never been treated this way. The level of customer service of Mr. Padua and Mr. Cortez are by far the worst we've experienced; conveying the impression that WE were privileged to be served by sales clerks such as themselves. In our years of shopping at any Brooks Brothers to include the Camarillo Outlet, we have never seen such displeasing demeanor and unsatisfactory customer service. Your attention to this complaint will be to your own store's advantage. With this recession, you need all customers you can have.

Dissatisfied Customers,

Payne family


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Aurora Farms, factory outlet, Aurora, OH : I've bought several shirts there over the years for hubby.I have taken advantage of the return policy only once about two years ago.

Two higher end shirts that frayed around the collar after several months were returned without question at that time. Today I attempted to return two more; one had actually ripped from the tail seam to about half way up the trunk. The other shirt had frayed right at the collar tip making it visible even with a tie. The shirt that ripped had a date stamp of 2010 so I simply did not argue that one.

The other shirt was purchased last year and aside from the fray was in mint shape. However the date stamp had kind of washed off. Manager said it was so old it was washed off. I walked over to the shelves and began looking (after all this IS an outlet where they sell older merchandise) and immediately found several shirts date stamped 2010.

I argued my point but the manager then said "Oh well you don't have your receipt." I walked out as I vowed to never set foot in her store again.For the record, I purchased four dress shirts from Jo Banks last Christmas for hubby, they are still pristine and look like new.


I bought the classic white long sleeve white blouse at a Brooks Brothers store somewhere near Santa Rosa, CA, and the staff was great.I was visiting the area, live in Oregon.

However, I've worn this blouse only a few times and it now has a black mark on the collar...no idea how it got there...just the tip of the collar so no way to hide it. It also has a small mark on the inside of the collar, looks like rust but isn't. None of my other clothes seem to have this problem and I know this is a strange comment. I guess I'll have to toss this expensive and wonderful (otherwise) blouse.

I am sad but don't trust the product now.

BTW, I have nice clothes that I've owned a decade, am not hard on my clothes.Perplexed.


Brooks Brothers has horrible representatives if you call in to their main 800 line to make an order.They talk to you like its a burden for them, they are rude, and the latest is that a rep hanged the phone line on me!

They also refuse to adjust the price if an item goes on sale a couple of days after you purchase it making you feel that you overpaid.

Their fit is usually hit or miss these days too.Where is the number to complain?


Brooks Brothers has horrible representatives if you call in to their main 800 line to make an order.They talk to you like its a burden for them, they are rude, and the latest is that a rep hanged the phone line on me!

They also refuse to adjust the price if an item goes on sale a couple of days after you purchase it making you feel that you overpaid.

Their fit is usually hit or miss these days too.Where is the number to complain?


We also found out about Michael Carter and Mary Kohanski, Brooks Brothers employees haveing an affair on company time


Mike Carter decided to cheat on his wife with the *** Mary kohanski his subordinate. Brooks brothers employs losers and liars. Their employees give up their families to cheat.


Anyone else upset over the inferior quality of clothing at the Brooks Brothers factory stores? The clothes are not cheap, and Brooks Brothers is luring people into these stores based on the Brooks Brothers name.


LOL whose this brooks brothers nuthugger LOYAL BROOKS CUSTOMER.Get a life.

Sizes can differ based on the maker by half an inch or so. Are u retarded, we are in a recession. And for the record Brooks Brothers sales reps are tools.

I mean seriously, you make lousy money and you act like your hot ***?Your doing a job a high school kid with no education can do.


Most of the Brooks Brothers stores I've been to, the sales people just ignore you.And when they don't, they usually try to upsell you all kinds of other things that you don't need.

Take care though- I have and know of many people who's shirts have not survived past 1 year of wear. Which is ridiculous from the prices.

There's plenty of reviews and complaints out there so be careful of buying too many as it can be a waste of your money in the long run.They don't tell you this unless you explicitly ask but their shirts do not last.


If you go to Brooks Brothers and they have a tailor then they should measure you. Peoples sizes change, you should know that!? Besides its a Brooks Brothers store tailoring is what you should expect. If they don't have a tailor the CSR should tell the customer "Sorry we don't have a tailor you'll have to just try them on, but we do have a tailor at (insert store here) if you need something done". Which BTW was said to me today at my Brooks store. Otherwise I would also find it rude, maybe not to rise to the ranks of complaining to corporate but I probably just wouldn't shop there again or at the least not use those clerks.

And No they probably wont go back if they can go to other Brooks Brothers stores besides this one or order from Brooks directly online.

Mind you I'm easy going and shop on the lowest end to, well Brooks. I've almost always been met with this standard of service. I would expect Brooks Brothers employees to show the same respect for its customers as Burlington Coat Factory would (which by the way, is the place I ended up getting measured with no question asks. On the suggestion of 2 Brooks clerks.)

I personaly have always been met with great service from Brooks even though I haven't been able to buy anything. They always answer my question and give honest opinions to me. And the tailor I've used from them have been great. If I was a regional and witnessed that interaction, if described correctly, I would have told the manager to...

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